Diaspora Radio: Let It Be – Thursday, January 27, 2022

Stu and the Gang take on The Beatles twelfth and final album.

An ongoing series created by Stuart Dias (Soggy Po’ Boys), Diaspora Radio features a mix of music from across time and genres, all recreated and performed by some of the areas best musicians. This performance will feature Let It Be – the final studio album by the Beatles, released on May 8, 1970 – almost a month after the group’s break-up.

Like most of the Beatles previous releases, the album topped charts in both the US and UK, but critical response was generally unfavorable, and Let It Be came to be regarded as one of the most controversial rock albums in history.

As has become customary with the series, Zach Foote will give a little talk before we start to give a little bit of information about the album and explain the series.

Come and enjoy this masterpiece and these amazing musicians:

Mike Effenberger-Organ

Nick Phaneuf-Guitar/Vocals

Andrew Strout-Piano/Vocals

Greg Glasson-Bass

Rick Habib-Drums/Vocals

Stu Dias-Guitar/Vocals


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