This is a challenging time for everyone, and our precious arts community is taking a hit.

We’re facing negative revenue with ticket refunds, concert and Word Barn rental cancellations.

But, we’re turning our lemons into lemonade!

The result is our creation of WORD BARN SESSIONS: AN ARTISTIC RESPONSE.

We’ve created a way you can support both The Word Barn AND our arts community, and hopefully a means to keep us all positive, share music, writing and fellowship.

This ongoing video compilation features songs, poems and more from musicians and writers that we all love and have enjoyed.

We’ll send you a streaming link for an episode in exchange for a $10 minimum donation (no credit card fee!) that will be equally divided among participating artists and The Word Barn!

Your link will remain live, and you can watch the episode and enjoy it as often as you like.

We’re already working on future episodes, but here are our current ones:

To listen, follow the link and purchase a $0 ticket. Add your $10+ donation in the following Checkout screen. The video link and password will be in your electronic ticket.

Word Barn Sessions: Vol. 1
Jeffrey Foucault, Mark Erelli, Liz Beebe (Dustbowl Revival),
Sherrie Flick, & Sarah Anderson


Word Barn Sessions: Vol. 2
Greg Brown, Peter Mulvey, Zachariah Hickman,
Adrian Shirk Sweeney, & Sarah Anderson


Be well, stay safe, and we can’t wait to see you all again soon.