The former horse stable of the Raynes Farm, The Word Barn, has roots going back well into the 17th century; a highly successful cattle market once ran on the property in the 1800s. Today, 50 acres exist in accessible town conservation, while the Andersons enjoy the pleasures of raising and sharing naturally raised farm products when they can.


Pasture-Raised, All-Natural, Happy Pork

Enjoy locally raised pork that has been pasture raised and fed an all-natural diet and raised happily with lots of room to roam and root!

There’s nothing quite like family-raised, small-batch pork that was once the norm back in the day. We only raise slightly more than our family needs, so quantities are limited, but we’ll do our best to fill your order – check out our pricing list here, and submit your order request here. Our pork is raised in small batches, seasonal, and currently sold out. Email us if you’d like to be notified when it’s available.

All-Natural Eggs

The varieties of our flock are ever changing, but consist of a mainstay of heritage breeds, including Speckled Sussex and Silver Laced Wyandottes, as well as our well-loved Barred Rocks and Buff Orphingtons.

Our happy hens (and proud roosters) enjoy foraging for grubs and insects, complimented by grain, to produce delicious, healthy eggs for the self-serve egg box at the end of our drive.

Given the demand, it’s not often that you will catch the “Eggs Are In” sign, but keep your eye out the next time you are passing through.


Our bees enjoy an all-natural lifestyle of foraging nearby fields and gardens for wildflower and crop nectar and pollen. As a result, they reward us by producing a delicious blend of flavors in honey’s most natural form.

Our pure honey is harvested throughout the warmer months, extracted from honeycomb and placed directly in jars, without any alterations. Each harvest, depending on the most prevalent flowers at the time, produces its own distinct coloring and floral undertones.

It can be enjoyed in any manner, but is a favorite in the Anderson house on bread or directly from the spoon.